Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Facebook Live with EVP

All aboard the Facebook Live train!

Since its unveiling in 2015, Facebook’s Live feature has become increasingly popular. From breaking news to concerts to baby gender reveals, more and more Facebook users have been going Live. On New Year’s Eve the site broke records as the clock struck midnight and millions streamed it. So what does this new trend mean for businesses?

Facebook Live is not just a fad for millennials and celebrities; it’s smart marketing. Live videos have a greater reach, a higher level of engagement, and draw in new clients. This means that when your business goes Live on Facebook you are sharply increasing both your following and your revenue. The real question you should be asking yourself is: why AREN’T you using Facebook Live?

One of the biggest downsides of Facebook Live videos is the quality. 90% of viewers think that video quality is the most important aspect of a Facebook Live video, and 62% of them are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that publishes a poor quality video. With so many people going Live using just their cell phone camera and a very shaky hand, who can blame them? That’s why E Video Productions does it differently.

EVP offers webcasts and livestreams using professional equipment. We shoot on-location, multi-camera setups that are ideal for concerts, presentations, live events, webinars, and much more. Our high quality videos will bring your business’ marketing to the next level. If you’re going to go Live, go Live with EVP.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Motivation from a Meme (or Emerson)

I was sitting around trying to find motivation from the internet, when this meme jumped out at me...

These four words, coined by Ralph Waldo Emerson, spoke to me. When looking for the story, it really is that simple - be silly, be honest & be curious. I can relate that to just about every video project I've ever produced. The silly makes people more natural. The honesty speaks to the viewer. The curiosity forces the producer to go deeper. Without any of these, your production will fall flat. 

SILLY is not just for elementary school kids. Silly is a way of life - a way of thinking. It means you don't take yourself too seriously. It means you are free to do what you want, and how you want to do it. It means you don't mind laughing during a tough moment, or dancing on set to lighten up a mood. It means you can connect better with your crew, your talent, your interview subjects, your client. It means you are free to be yourself in any given moment and you don't really care how it looks on the outside. It is these moments that allow genius to flow from your video. 

HONESTY is always the best policy. And in video, it's doubly important. Your videos are always subject to fact-checking. And in this world of social media, people are always at the ready to dispute information in every video, article or post online! You want to make sure that in whatever you are doing, you are checking and double checking facts. Honestly also applies in working with your interview subjects. They will know when you are not being honest with them, and that will disrupt the integrity of the video you are capturing. If they feel you are not being honest with them, why should they be honest with you? Your honesty, and willingness to open up, will typically get your interview subject or talent to be honest with you and give you exactly the money shot that you are looking for!

CURIOSITY didn't really kill the cat. I think it made the cat wiser! We value curiosity in our kids...why wouldn't we value it in the working world? In video production - curiosity always forces us to ask questions. What value does that shot add to our production? What would lead someone to do whatever it is that they did? What mood do we want to set in a scene? Without these question, we're just observers. 

Next time you're looking to find your story to tell...just remember to be SILLY, HONEST & CURIOUS and your story will come naturally! 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dancing, Saving Lives, Selling Cookies & Making Towns Safer

Here are some highlights of our work over the past few months. What can EVideoProductions.net do for you?

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore's Dancing with Our Stars event! Two camera coverage with individual dance videos released the next day and a promo video edit for next year....

The Digital Nurse is a potentially life-saving device coming to market soon, and this was a shoot for the Kickstarter video that will get it there!

We always love having Girl Scouts in our studio, especially when they are making a new Cookie Commercial to show at local movie theatres!

And we can't forget our four-camera coverage of the State of the Township address in Irvington, NJ! Great people doing great things for their community!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Say Goodbye To Summer!

While many kids are returning to school already, we here in NJ still have a few more weeks left of summer! Our schools don't go back until after Labor Day! But unfortunately, the same can't be said for our interns. We had two great interns this summer who will be returning to school soon. We wanted to take a second to share their stories with you before we officially say goodbye to them!


As a student attending Santa Fe University of Arts & Design, I focus on film production in the realm of cinematography, directing, acting, and writing. I started making videos in high school with a good friend of mine which sparked a deep passion and focus in the realm of visual storytelling. Since my time in college I have worked on many professional quality film productions as well as music video shoots, commercial work, and documentaries. I hope to push further in what it means to tell a story visually and to inspire others through story, images, and music.  


Simona will be graduating from Immaculate Heart Academy this coming school year as the class of 2017. During her time in high school, she’s served for two years as the news station’s president and various positions in the video club’s executive board. Several of the projects which she has worked on, such as the Film Noir Files, have won awards at local high school film festivals. She is very excited to be at E Video Productions for the summer and to help make the company’s creative vision a reality!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

It's Time To Go To Camp!

Whenever I tell someone that E Video Productions, LLC is offering a Summer Camp this year, the first thing they always ask is, "what made you decide to do that?" Well, it's a bit of a story, so I figured a blog was a good place to tell it...

E Video Productions, LLC has always been a "teaching" studio. We have developed a great intern program and have at least two interns every summer, with occasional interns throughout the year. Some of our best team members started out as interns! When we hire, we often encourage unlikely candidates, because we believe that it is important to teach others in order to learn more yourself. We find our crew grows whenever we need to teach someone something new. So since we've been teaching 20-somethings for the past 10 or so years, a youth program was the next step!

Now, teaching youngsters is nothing new at EVP. We have hosted many Girl, Cub and Boy Scout troops through the years. Our favorite activity is setting up a mock interview and allowing them to work all aspects of the production. We have also spoken at career day at our own kids' school for the past 6 years.

Earlier this year, I was looking for summer programs for my 11-year-old son. He is interested in audio production and performance, so I thought a technical program would be great for him. The problem is, there's nothing like that in Ocean County! After doing some research, I decided, let's start one!

The program we have this summer is designed with my 11-year-old in mind, although, not all of our programs interest him. We decided to open it up to students entering 4th through 9th grades. For one, it keeps the group of kids within a similar age bracket (even though we could offer activities for younger and older groups as well), so that they can work together on projects. But we feel that age group is at the perfect stage of beginning to show interest in video production, but not necessarily exposed to much outside of YouTube yet.

CampEVP is designed to be a 1 to 4 week program. If you choose just one week, you get a full experience in the one task you are looking to learn. But if you choose all four weeks, you will see a project in its entirety - from conceptualization to completion! Week one is Writing For Screen, Week Two is Acting For Screen, Week Three is Shooting and Week Four is Editing! Whew, that's a lot for just one month of the summer!

We are so excited for our first week coming up on August 1, 2016. There are still spots available, but you need to act fast before they are all gone... visit http://www.evideoproductions.net/Camp.html.

See you at Camp!

Darcie King
Executive Producer
E Video Productions, LLC

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Howell Municipal Alliance - It Will Take A Community PSA

It Will Take A Community is a PSA about the Heroin Epidemic and other issues facing students in Howell Township, NJ. Six months after production, feedback has been very positive! The video was shown in all health classes at the high school and was made available to all high schools within the district. It generated five new members of their Alliance, including two very prominent local supporters. The PSA is on the agenda for upcoming Back-To-School Night presentations and has sparked many conversations within the district.

The team at EVP is very passionate about work like this. As a leader in the community, EVP feels it is important to get these stories out there as much as possible and educate as many young people as possible about the dangers of things like drugs, especially Heroin, and other issues that face teenagers today.

If you are part of any organization that is trying to reach young adults or teenagers on any number of pressing topics, consider EVP and a professionally produced video to add to your material. Whether it's used on social media or at face-to-face events, a video can reach an audience that typically turns away from other traditional methods of education.