Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Facebook Live with EVP

All aboard the Facebook Live train!

Since its unveiling in 2015, Facebook’s Live feature has become increasingly popular. From breaking news to concerts to baby gender reveals, more and more Facebook users have been going Live. On New Year’s Eve the site broke records as the clock struck midnight and millions streamed it. So what does this new trend mean for businesses?

Facebook Live is not just a fad for millennials and celebrities; it’s smart marketing. Live videos have a greater reach, a higher level of engagement, and draw in new clients. This means that when your business goes Live on Facebook you are sharply increasing both your following and your revenue. The real question you should be asking yourself is: why AREN’T you using Facebook Live?

One of the biggest downsides of Facebook Live videos is the quality. 90% of viewers think that video quality is the most important aspect of a Facebook Live video, and 62% of them are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that publishes a poor quality video. With so many people going Live using just their cell phone camera and a very shaky hand, who can blame them? That’s why E Video Productions does it differently.

EVP offers webcasts and livestreams using professional equipment. We shoot on-location, multi-camera setups that are ideal for concerts, presentations, live events, webinars, and much more. Our high quality videos will bring your business’ marketing to the next level. If you’re going to go Live, go Live with EVP.
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