Friday, August 12, 2016

Say Goodbye To Summer!

While many kids are returning to school already, we here in NJ still have a few more weeks left of summer! Our schools don't go back until after Labor Day! But unfortunately, the same can't be said for our interns. We had two great interns this summer who will be returning to school soon. We wanted to take a second to share their stories with you before we officially say goodbye to them!


As a student attending Santa Fe University of Arts & Design, I focus on film production in the realm of cinematography, directing, acting, and writing. I started making videos in high school with a good friend of mine which sparked a deep passion and focus in the realm of visual storytelling. Since my time in college I have worked on many professional quality film productions as well as music video shoots, commercial work, and documentaries. I hope to push further in what it means to tell a story visually and to inspire others through story, images, and music.  


Simona will be graduating from Immaculate Heart Academy this coming school year as the class of 2017. During her time in high school, she’s served for two years as the news station’s president and various positions in the video club’s executive board. Several of the projects which she has worked on, such as the Film Noir Files, have won awards at local high school film festivals. She is very excited to be at E Video Productions for the summer and to help make the company’s creative vision a reality!

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