Thursday, June 02, 2016

Howell Municipal Alliance - It Will Take A Community PSA

It Will Take A Community is a PSA about the Heroin Epidemic and other issues facing students in Howell Township, NJ. Six months after production, feedback has been very positive! The video was shown in all health classes at the high school and was made available to all high schools within the district. It generated five new members of their Alliance, including two very prominent local supporters. The PSA is on the agenda for upcoming Back-To-School Night presentations and has sparked many conversations within the district.

The team at EVP is very passionate about work like this. As a leader in the community, EVP feels it is important to get these stories out there as much as possible and educate as many young people as possible about the dangers of things like drugs, especially Heroin, and other issues that face teenagers today.

If you are part of any organization that is trying to reach young adults or teenagers on any number of pressing topics, consider EVP and a professionally produced video to add to your material. Whether it's used on social media or at face-to-face events, a video can reach an audience that typically turns away from other traditional methods of education.

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